Phil Dakei – Noisy Oyster

Phil Dakei

Phil Dakei is the new kid on the block, the man from Field Four on the outskirts of the sugar city, Lautoka. Phil is the man behind some of Fiji’s most notable radio jingles like the advertisement for Pacific Sun, ‘get up, get up and go’ for Bounty Rum and his sampling of The Beach Boys ‘Barbara Ann’ for Ba Motor Parts.

“I do quite a few jingles for radio stations, advertising agencies and companies. The biggest ads I’ve worked on is a song for Air Pacific called ‘My Fiji’ which was done with IT & P Advertising in Sydney and the current jingle for Solomon Airlines,” the 32-year-old said.

However, Phil’s most memorable work is his production on Daniel Rae Costello’s last two studio albums- Islands Calling and Let The World Sing. Costello fans have commented on the change in musical direction and the noticeable hand of Phil’s influence.

“Working with Danny was a treasured opportunity and a definite learning curve and the highlight of my career so far,” he said.

Phil’s interest in music began as a child and his interest in production began in 2000 while working for a West based radio station.

“I was singing in front of the mirror when I was seven (laughs) but when I started in radio I took particular interest in how sound was recorded and produced- this whole new world opened up and it was fascinating and exciting. This is also where I got introduced to computer music production,” the Lautoka man said.

His keen interest in sound and music production was further extended after listening to the ever-green king of reggae.

“I enjoy John Mayer’s sweet and simple guitar licks and Maroon 5’s jumpy rhythms but Bob Marley’s sound engineering techniques and lyrics never cease to amaze and inspire me,” he said.

Phil’s tools of the trade are music production and editing software. However, he is quick to stress that no amount of digital computer production can amount to anything without human feeling and emotion.

“I use Fruity Loops Studio for programming, Cubase 5 for recording and Wavelab for mastering. But all of this means nothing without an idea. I usually begin a song with a feel or an idea inside my head and use the software to re-create that feeling or idea in the physical realm. For me a great result is always a product of a great beginning,” the music producer explained.

Apart from producing jingles, working as a percussionist and vocalist in Danny’s band-The Cruzez and producing other peoples music, Phil is also working on his debut album.

“In terms of what it will sound like, it will be a combination of the three M’s – Mayer, Maroon 5 and Marley and I would probably place it in the folk-rock genre,” he said.

Phil does all his work under the banner of his own company called, Noisy Oyster Productions.

“The name is taken from an old English idiom- it’s what old folks call their screaming grandchildren. But it also works for what I do- noisy refers to sound and oyster gives you an island feel,” he laughed.

Phil was born Filimone Qailigana Dakei. His father is from the Solomon Islands and his mother hails from the village of Bureta in Ovalau.

Courtesy of the Fiji Times

Listen To ‘Play On’ by Phil Dakei

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